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Our history

Family law and traditional real estate were the main areas our firm specialised in when it was founded by Pierre Attal in 1965.

In the mid-1990s, the firm expanded into corporate real estate under the leadership of Jean-Michel Attal.

The arrival of Catherine Foiselle in 1998 enabled us to continue and accelerate this process.

When Caroline Thery-Lievens came to us in 2000 followed by Vianney Laporte in 2005, they contributed further to developing our corporate real estate business so that it is now the main focus of our firm.

Carrying out large-scale investment and financing operations on behalf of both French and international institutions, private investors, investment funds and banks has enabled ATTAL & Associés to consolidate our expertise and reputation in commercial real estate.

ATTAL & Associés retains the personal touch, with a close-knit team who share the same vision and values as the firm because we are keen to offer our clients a quality, personalised service.

ATTAL & Associés still works in more traditional notarial activities and consultation as well, with the same high requirements of professionalism and quality, and individual follow-up in their projects.

Our values

We share the values of rigorousness, ethics, team spirit and keeping the personal touch as well as a belief in being involved and always available.